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[IP] Response to Support

Thank you all so much for your input.  I will take to heart what each one of
you has said.  Unfortunately we do not have an Endro here or for that matter
anyone who could help Marc with the learning.  We go to Texas, for Ryan's
medical care.  I learned on my own.  We are in a little backwoods town.  It is
a nice size town, just ignorant to the care of diabetes.  Ryan does have a Dr.
that is diabetic but he is not familiar with the pump and frowns on it.  Marc
put the set in this morning, and Ryan helped him.  He told his dad he was
putting a .8 after the set was in and why.  I was so proud of both of them.
Marc will have full care of Ryan, Sam.  Ryan is perfectly able to care for
himself, he can read labels and tell you how much to bolus,etc.  My fear is,
if he is low and does not know, or an emergency comes up with the pump.  As we
know any number of things.  I guess I was misleading, Ryan is as much part of
his care as I am.  Before he was put on the pump, he gave his own shots.  The
only thing he cannot do is put the set in, he doesn't feel he is ready for
that.  He does pull the needle out.  Once again, I thank everyone for your
support, you are like my extended family.  We are on the road to becoming a
unit.  It will be such a relief when I have to go somewhere to know that I
won't have to worry about Ryan's care because his father will know what to do.
I will be able to go out of town, with my daughter for her tournaments and
Ryan will not have to go. Yes, Yes, both he and I will be much happier.  I
believe you are right this was meant to happen, so Ryan and his Dad can become
closer.  In the end I know Marc will be glad he knows what to do and will be
apart of the language Ryan and I speak.  (basil, bolus, how many carbos, OK
you are using what basil?, and that would be what carb time the basil, yes,
that's right) 

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