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Re: [IP] little beeps

Sue wrote:
> I think a little leeway is in order here.  A person's health needs
> should be taken into consideration in situations like these.  Just
> because a person is diabetic (or has any health problem for that matter)
> doesn't mean they aren't entitled to a good education!  There is a big
> difference between phones and pagers and insulin pumps.  A good
> instructor should allow the student to offer a quick explanation of what
> the pump is and why it is beeping.  After all, pumps are a life-support
> system!
> ... just my opinion!

Get real Sue!

In case you hadn't noticed, it's a tough competitive world out there. If
I can't do my job better than the next guy, then the next guy will be
employed instead. That's why I choose to use a pump: so I can keep
ahead. Perhaps there are times when it's appropriate to say "I'm
diabetic. Treat me differently", if you're a customer for example. But
if you want to compete in a cut-throat competitive job market, that
simply ain't possible.

I work in the classical music world, and if a recording session is
ruined by my pump beeping in front of the microphone at a crucial
moment, we're talking mega-bucks of damage...

Just my opinion!

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