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Re: [IP] using rocket fuel

> My endo gave me a couple of viles (inst all insulin "vile?") to use to cover
> highs.  he also said to get a novopen to use to get it in me - i asked if i
> could just send it thru the plastic cap of the site and he said yes...so i
> have been...and WHAT results - DAYUM!!!  this stuff really is ROCKET FUEL!  I
> was 228 before my shower, took approx 1 1/2 unit by syringe thru the pump and
> now one hour later I am 86!!!  whoa daddy!!!

Hey Sara, Welcome to the wonderful world of Humalog! I didn't realise
you hadn't yet been hooked. Personally, I get a much more intense high
if I inject, rather than smoke it... er, I mean pump it.

Couple of thoughts (which are probably obvious to you...) If your high
has been caused by the site going bad, then injecting directly into the
canula isn't going to be very effective. Better inject elsewhere. It'll
work much quicker.

I thought I was the only one unorthodox enough to draw insulin from a
pen cartridge with a syringe... but here goes: since the cartridge, with
it's built-in plunger, is definitely not designed to for doing this,
you've just got to be ultra-careful with how much air you inject back
into the cartridge. Tiny bit too much air and, as you saw, the plunger
starts to pop out. There isn't actually any need to inject any air back
in: give the plunger a helping push with a cocktail stick or something,
and it will slide into the cartridge after you've drawn the air out.

Have fun. And remember: these experiments must only be conducted under
the supervision of an adult.

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