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Re: [IP] Need your support, Husband taking over care of Ryan

Hi Helen,

Sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery.  I hope everything goes well
for you.  I will keep you and Ryan in my thoughts and prayers.

Have a speedy recovery and try not to worry.

email @ redacted wrote:
> I have learned so much from this group and I want to thank everyone for being
> there.  I have a dilemma facing me.  Ryan is 11 and has been on the pump for a
> year.  He was diagnosed at age 3.  I have been the only one who has cared for
> him.  My husband has never learned how or participated in the care.  I'm not
> trying to make him sound like a bad parent.  He has made a half hearted
> attempt a few times when I have thrown a fit.  Anyway to get to the point.  I
> am scheduled for surgery on Sept. 9, for a complete hysterectomy.  My husband
> knows nothing about the pump.  I am terrified of going into the hospital and
> leaving Ryan.  I called minimed and ask for a video to be sent giving step by
> step directions on the pump.  Tonight we talked and I have put the care in his
> hands or I am going to try to get him to take over.  He has to know what to do
> before I go into the hospital.  Just tonight Ryan was at a friends and when he
> came home he informed me that he was out of insulin.  Had been for 2 hours.
> We checked and he was 398, you know it takes time to load the insulin, check
> again 5 min later he was 489.  You see where I am going.  My husband did not
> have a clue as to what to do.  Ryan is fine.  It is 12:30a.m. And his bg is
> 103.  I feel like I am degrading my husband by telling everyone this.  I just
> want everyone to know the history on us.  I am going to introduce him to this
> support group, and tell him that he can go to our site if he has questions.
> Which I hope he will, I would like him to read the mail everyday as I do. So
> you might get a lot of questions that you feel is ridiculous.  Please be
> patient and answer his questions. I am going to put the responsibility of
> Ryan's care in his hands as of tomorrow.  I told him he is going to have to
> schedule his work around Ryan's care. (He has his own company) He will now be
> changing out the site, etc.  Did not mean to go on or cry on anyone's
> shoulder, I just wanted to let everyone know that I really need your support
> for him.  He is going to have to finally comes to grips with the fact that his
> son is a diabetic and has a life threatening disease.  He has used his work to
> get out of the care.  That can no longer be.
> Thanks for lending your ear and time.
> Helen (Ryan's mom)


	... Sue  :-)

		For a healthy heart ...
		Give your Faith a workout!

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