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[IP] Need your support, Husband taking over care of Ryan

I have learned so much from this group and I want to thank everyone for being
there.  I have a dilemma facing me.  Ryan is 11 and has been on the pump for a
year.  He was diagnosed at age 3.  I have been the only one who has cared for
him.  My husband has never learned how or participated in the care.  I'm not
trying to make him sound like a bad parent.  He has made a half hearted
attempt a few times when I have thrown a fit.  Anyway to get to the point.  I
am scheduled for surgery on Sept. 9, for a complete hysterectomy.  My husband
knows nothing about the pump.  I am terrified of going into the hospital and
leaving Ryan.  I called minimed and ask for a video to be sent giving step by
step directions on the pump.  Tonight we talked and I have put the care in his
hands or I am going to try to get him to take over.  He has to know what to do
before I go into the hospital.  Just tonight Ryan was at a friends and when he
came home he informed me that he was out of insulin.  Had been for 2 hours.
We checked and he was 398, you know it takes time to load the insulin, check
again 5 min later he was 489.  You see where I am going.  My husband did not
have a clue as to what to do.  Ryan is fine.  It is 12:30a.m. And his bg is
103.  I feel like I am degrading my husband by telling everyone this.  I just
want everyone to know the history on us.  I am going to introduce him to this
support group, and tell him that he can go to our site if he has questions.
Which I hope he will, I would like him to read the mail everyday as I do. So
you might get a lot of questions that you feel is ridiculous.  Please be
patient and answer his questions. I am going to put the responsibility of
Ryan's care in his hands as of tomorrow.  I told him he is going to have to
schedule his work around Ryan's care. (He has his own company) He will now be
changing out the site, etc.  Did not mean to go on or cry on anyone's
shoulder, I just wanted to let everyone know that I really need your support
for him.  He is going to have to finally comes to grips with the fact that his
son is a diabetic and has a life threatening disease.  He has used his work to
get out of the care.  That can no longer be.
Thanks for lending your ear and time.
Helen (Ryan's mom)
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