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Re: [IP] little beeps

On  8 Aug 98 at 11:10, Ruth Elowitz wrote:

> I'm the instructor!  It disrupts my class and makes it difficult to keep students who
> already have a difficult time with the concept of relevancy on task.  It also steals
> time away from teaching reading, writing and critical thinking in classes that are
> already 5-10 hours a week shorter than they need to be to get the students up to the
> required level.  I appreciate that this is a medical problem but it is my medical
> problem and it is distracting and disruptive during class and to my sleep at night.

What are you teaching?  I've never been in a class that was that 
quiet - there is always some noise in the background.  I keep my pump 
set to the lowest volume level and with it in the gray padded belt 
case you don't hear the beeps.  I often have a temporary basal rate 
set on Sunday mornings and haven't had any problems during church 
with the beeping.  It only does it on the half-hour anyway... three 
little beeps every 30 minutes...  the only person who's ever said 
anything about it was one of my three year old sons.  One night I had 
set the volume up to the highest level just to hear what it sounded 
like and he asked what the beeps were.  I told him it was my 
"medicine box" telling me everything was OK.  He said something to 
the effect of "everything's OK?" and when I said it was he went on to 
ask me to read him a bedtime story...  

It sounds like classic "YMWV" here - to me it's more annoying that 
people still use noisy old number 2 pencils to write with or use 
chalk on chalkboards...  all that scratching and scraping...  when 
you can use at least a ball-point pen, even though they smell bad, or 
better yet you can use one of the "rollerball" pens.  I once asked a 
man to leave an electronics class I was teaching (Amateur Radio) 
because he came in wearing some kind of really stinky aftershave.  
I'll take the beeps any day over some of the smells that people 
slather all over them...  those things cause asthma and all kinds of 
nasty allergic reactions...  A few years ago a student had to quickly 
run back to the dorm for a quick shower before one of our concerts 
because she had forgotten the "no perfume" rule and people all around 
her were complaining...  not to be really unsympathetic, but it's 
only three little beeps, not an air horn or siren...  and it is 
telling you that the pump is working according to instructions.  I 
guess you could put it in a padded case, wrap it in sound insulation 
and then put it in a "fanny pack"...  <g>   

Or if it's that big of an issue just bolus before class and 
deactivate the pump completely.  Lots of options and you have to 
decide which one is best for you...

Randall P. Winchester

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