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Re: [IP] little beeps

On  7 Aug 98 at 9:00, Ruth Elowitz wrote:

> > In fact, Lily has a history teacher who is adamant that no beepers or
> > phones are allowed in his class. Lily was running a temp basal rate
> > one day when it beeped in his class. She said he practically had a
> > coniption fit and looked all over the classroom for the 'kid with the
> > beeper'.
> Exactly -- I can't do that in college courses, especially since I send anyone out
> of class who makes noise like that.  A 2 sentence explanation takes more time than
> I have and distracts the class -- the slackers love when I talk about off the
> subject things.  It's not appropriate to interrupt an hou class to explain these
> things.  I'd get nasty reviews at the end of the semester.

Sounds like a clear cut case of discrimination against people with 
pumps - I've got a lawyer friend who'd love to file a lawsuit against 
a university for violating the ADA.  Ignoring the pump beep would 
fall under the "reasonable accomodation" rule and any jury would come 
down hard on someone penalizing a person with an insulin pump like 
that...  I can see the lawyer now...  "And if someone in your class 
had their pacemaker telemetry unit alarm you'd make them get up, walk 
out of class even though it would be a potential medical risk?  
Hmm...  so you prize your control over the class more than the health 
of your students?"   I doubt if it would ever see a jury -- the 
university's lawyers would probably start writing checks fast enough 
to make the paper smoke.  The student would probably get the rest of 
their education paid for at the very least....  
Randall P. Winchester

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