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Re: [IP] What Do I Do Next?

On  7 Aug 98 at 0:41, Sue W wrote:

> My question -- When do I get the MiniMed rep involved in the process. 
> Should I get him to talk to the Doc and try to sway him towards
> prescribing me the pump?  Or, should I wait until the Doc prescribes the
> pump and then ask the MiniMed rep to help me go to battle with the
> insurance company (HMO)?

Get the MiniMed rep involved now!  Get the rep to talk to the doctor 
too.  I had the rep meet me at my doctor's office the day I had the 
appointment to talk to him about the pump.  The rep was able to give 
him enough information and I even inserted an infusion set so I could 
see what it was like to have one in for three days.  It wasn't 
connected to anything, but it did let me get a feel for the thing 
about pump therapy that was scaring me the most.  

Randall P. Winchester

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