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Re: [IP] New Pumper With Questions

On  6 Aug 98 at 17:22, Stuart Pelcyger wrote:

> My questions are:
>     1)    The hose develops a sharp bend were it comes out of the
> reservoir.
>             Has anyone had delivery problems because of this?

I've not had severe problems with this, but if you don't catch it 
quickly enough it can kink and could collapse, slowing or completely 
cutting off the insulin flow.  

>     2)    What about having the hose caught between your body and
> a belt
>             that is tight.

Not really a problem unless you get a sharp bend in it.  

>     3)    When your insertion site is on the left side do you
> keep the pump
>             on the left and the reverse?  If not what about the
> extra tubing going
>             across?

I wear the pump on the side where the infusion set is.  That means I 
have to switch my pager to the other side for balance...  the only 
problem is that when it's on my right side the tubing faces the back 
and I am more cautious about question #1.    Infusion sites on the 
right side also cause some difficulty with the car seat belt.  It 
doesn't matter where on my right side I put the set, the edge of the 
seat belt always manages to get up against it and put pressure on at 
an annoying angle....

Randall P. Winchester

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