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Re: [IP] What Do I Do Next?

On  6 Aug 98 at 17:00, John Huff wrote:

> Hi Sue --
> > My question -- When do I get the MiniMed rep involved in the process.
> > Should I get him to talk to the Doc and try to sway him towards
> > prescribing me the pump?  Or, should I wait until the Doc prescribes the
> > pump and then ask the MiniMed rep to help me go to battle with the
> > insurance company (HMO)?
> Your local Minimed rep will call you *after* you've been approved by yourins
> co.  They'll help your doctor to draft a "letter of medical necessity" for
> your pump to send to the ins co.  My internist drafted a three pager to get
> my pump.  8-/  He then sent them several months on BG records; *I* sent
> them a couple of months more...  My internist worked *very* hard to
> get my ins co to oay for my pump!

Get the MiniMed rep involved early - they can help you get it 
approved by the insurance company because they know all the right 
"moves" to make the process easier.  If you wait until *after* you've 
been approved you'll be in the appeal or claim review process and 
that can take longer to get through.   Use the big guns first, then 
you don't drag the little ones around...

Randall P. Winchester

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