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Re: [IP] insurance

On  6 Aug 98 at 9:46, Bonnie Richardson wrote:

> Where I live there are no local suppliers.  I would have to go about 100
> miles to find a local source.  My co-pay is 20% of what Blue Cross
> Allocates as authorized amount.  Not what charge they submitted to Blue
> Cross. 
> Bonnie

You can also buy your pump supplies (if you use MiniMed's stuff) 
directly from them via either the 800 number or their web site.  They 
bill the insurance company too.  I like to go direct to the source 
when possible for stuff like this... especiallly when it saves a 
significant amount of money.  The insurance company ok'ed the switch 
in suppliers when I  pointed out the price difference - saved both of 
us quite a bit of money.

Randall P. Winchester

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