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Re: [IP] soft serter

On  5 Aug 98 at 22:22, Dante Jacobson wrote:

> I need some help.  I have been on the mini med pump since dec 95.  before
> that I had been taking 4 shots a day for 16 years.  during that whole time I
> only gave myself an injection in my tummy once.  I got the pump and knew
> that would change.  although I have been on the pump for a few years, it
> still takes me anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to get that little needle in
> me.  I saw on the MM web page that they have this device called the soft
> serter to insert the soft set needles.  I am assuming it works like my
> finger stick devices do.  has anyone ever tried the soft serter and if you
> did, did you like it?  just wondering if anyone has used this.

I've been using the SoftSerter since I started on the pump last 
September.  It works great - I've never inserted an insfusion set 
without using the SoftSerter.  It operates similarly to a lancet 
device but is sized appropriately for the infusion sets.  Contact 
your MiniMed rep - sometimes you can get the rep to give you one.

Randall P. Winchester

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