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Re: [IP] little beeps

email @ redacted wrote:
> Sue,
> Yes, the Disetronic does still beep for alarms.  They are so rare, I tend to
> forget about them.  And, When John is concerned about beeps (during concerts
> or the theater) they can be controlled very easily.  The only alarm I get
> regularly is for low battery.  To avoid that, you keep track of when your
> batteries were changed and if you are concerned that they may be near the end,
> change them before a crucial time.  The Disetronic is much quieter than the
> Minimed.  I tried a 507 for a few days and all the noise/beeps drove me nuts.
> I couldn't stand it!  But, YMMV.
> Beth

Lest we forget, you can silence the MiniMed, as well.

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