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[IP] Response to Barb Schiller re:Humalog & pump

Barb, I am now in day #4 of pump usage.  I have definitely had some 
roller-coastering, but seem to have stabilized somewhat with frequent 
chats with my CDE.  I would strongly recommend using Humalog instead of 
Reg with your pump.  Even though it is not officially "approved", almost 
every pump user that I have talked to is using it.  My endo and CDE 
responded that they would not even consider using any insulin but 
Humalog, so I did not have to do any persuasion.

The biggest problem I have had so far with pumping is to remember that I 
am not on a strict regimen anymore! :)  

As far as Ultralente, I was using it because of a long-lasting problem 
with all long-acting insulins.  Prior to pumping, I was injecting 
3-4xday.  NPH was causing severe hypoglycemia because of peaking, and 
Ultra seemed to work better.  I had been using the Humalog/Ultra mixture 
for about a year previously.  Fortunately, I no longer have to worry 
about it!

Wishing you the best of luck

Kurt & Chris

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