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[IP] fast take

Hi Ellen and others, I recently took a trip, camping, and traveling, and took 3 meters, using the fast take for most.  I did have problems with the heat, and such also.  I did find that the fast take would "stick" in a sequence a coulple of times. I then removed the batteries and replaced them to have it come back.  I keep meaning to call about it but it is working whenever I am around a phone. (BG) I have had this happen 3 times so far.  Since I was over prepared this hasn't been too big of a hassle, but it could be.  I have overheated the thing a lot also, and I think this may have something to do with the problem, but  don't know.
Sam, did you know that Bliss is in Id.?  That's where I always tell people to go if they're living in ingnorance. LOLOL