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Hi Ellen,

Hope you had a great time camping.  It is one of my favorite things to
do in the summer -- and we have plenty of mountains nearby.

Maybe your FastTake just got tired from all the activity and took a
vacation, too!

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hello Pumpers!  I have just gotten back from a 10 day camping trip and had to
> delete almost 600 messages from my e-mail.  I just COULDN'T read all of those
> although I wanted to.  Anyway, I had a great time and had NO problems with my
> pump.  HOWEVER, a funny thing happened with my FAST TAKE meter.  It just quit
> working.  I have been using it with exercise--running, etc.-- so it has been
> in alot of heat with no problem (100 degrees).  I have had it where it was too
> hot to read, but it has a little therm. symbol to tell me that.  Anyway, the
> meter died and I replaced the batteries even though there was no "low battery"
> symbol.  It still didn't work.  When I got home, I called Lifescan technical
> services.  As I was waiting to talk to someone, I took the meter out and
> inserted the strip and VOILA!, it worked.  It had been about 4 days since I
> had used it and I had tried to use it for a couple of days after it died with
> no luck.  The tech. said this had never been reported before.  This did not
> surprise me since I have never called any company where the problem I had was
> ever reported before.  SO, to get to my question.  Has anyone had this problem
> with their Fast Take?  Do you think the heat might have temporarily killed it?
> I am interested in your thoughts.  ellen
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	... Sue  :-)

		For a healthy heart ...
		Give your Faith a workout!

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