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Re: [IP] little beeps


I think a little leeway is in order here.  A person's health needs
should be taken into consideration in situations like these.  Just
because a person is diabetic (or has any health problem for that matter)
doesn't mean they aren't entitled to a good education!  There is a big
difference between phones and pagers and insulin pumps.  A good
instructor should allow the student to offer a quick explanation of what
the pump is and why it is beeping.  After all, pumps are a life-support

... just my opinion!

Ruth Elowitz wrote:
> > In fact, Lily has a history teacher who is adamant that no beepers or
> > phones are allowed in his class. Lily was running a temp basal rate
> > one day when it beeped in his class. She said he practically had a
> > coniption fit and looked all over the classroom for the 'kid with the
> > beeper'.
> Exactly -- I can't do that in college courses, especially since I send anyone out
> of class who makes noise like that.  A 2 sentence explanation takes more time than
> I have and distracts the class -- the slackers love when I talk about off the
> subject things.  It's not appropriate to interrupt an hou class to explain these
> things.  I'd get nasty reviews at the end of the semester.


	... Sue  :-)

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