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Re: [IP] Humalog vs Regular

Barb Schiller wrote:
> I have an appointment on Aug 21 to be hooked up to my pump "For Real."   I
> asked the nurse if I would be able to use humalog right away and she told me
> that the doctor has never done that because it is not approved yet
> (liability reasons).

Actually not true. Doctors can prescribe ANY medicine approved for human use
by the FDA regardleess of whether the FDA has tested it's use in any particular
manner. Of course a doctor who prescribes against indications is likely to
liable, but there definitely aren't any indications against humans using

> How can I get her to make an exception in my case?  I have been using
> humalog for over a year now and would hate to have to deal with the insulin
> peak timing issue again.  Any suggestions?

Tell her there are many doctors who have prescribed it thus for nearly 4 years
(such as mine) and there have been NO liability problems. Also she CAN prescribe 
it, as above, that's why she has a doctor's license.

Of course you could try to "transplant" some Humalog into an R bottle and just
it, if she isn't dispensing it from her own stock....

No, really just make her understand she won't be held responsible for it, but
she MAY be held responsible for confusing your control situation concurrent 
with starting pump therapy.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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