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email @ redacted wrote:
  HOWEVER, a funny thing happened with my FAST TAKE meter.  It just quit
> working.  I have been using it with exercise--running, etc.-- so it has been
> in alot of heat with no problem (100 degrees).  I have had it where it was too
> hot to read, but it has a little therm. symbol to tell me that.  Anyway, the
> meter died and I replaced the batteries even though there was no "low battery"
> symbol.  It still didn't work.  When I got home, I called Lifescan technical
> services.  As I was waiting to talk to someone, I took the meter out and
> inserted the strip and VOILA!, it worked. 

I suspect it has either a cold-solder joint somewhere on the circuit board that
just "decided" to part company with itself. The solder still connects the wire
or component to the board but has a hidden split in it that will sometimes 
get moved and/or heated JUST SO and lose the connection. Sometime later it may
twitch back to the original situation and start working again. It's the bane of 
electronics companies, though modern manufacturing has usually eliminated it as
a factor, or it's caught in testing.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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