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Re: [IP] my low BG...

> NOW A QUESTION...I use Humalog and tend to have my bg drop real low BUT
> it is always like clockwork 4 hours later?!??!  I thought humalog works
> FAST?!?!?  Any ideas? (and I don't drastically overbolus either)

This is not atypical. Look at the insulin in blood stream chart 
nicely provided in the box with the vial. The tail on humalog is as 
long if not longer than regular, only the peak is sooner. A very 
large dose of humalog will actually take 5-6 hours to completely 
clear your system.

When you have a low like that, you must do a reverse unused insulin 
(actually needed carbs) calculation and get some food in to 
compensate for the rest of the drop that WILL occur. In this case, 
sounds like you need enough to cover about 100 to 150 bg points.

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