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At 01:43 PM 08/07/1998  Bob Burnett wrote:

>Few people realize there is a services company whose only role is to
>as a "clearinghouse" for all the trouble databases maintained by all
>companies. This services company ensures that whatever problem you report
>to one of their subscribing client corporations is deleted from
>records, never to be seen or recalled again.
>This is actually a very important service, since it prevents problems
>occupying all the productive time of these major corporations, which
>ultimately prevent them from improving things. Imagine how unproductive
>their days would be if corporations had to chase down and resolve all our
>"silly little problems". No progress would ever be made <vbg>

Wow!! Obviously my company has missed the boat. Here we've been running
around trying to actually answer customer complaints and solve problems. We
also blow all sorts of time making sure that everyone in Support knows what
problems and solutions exist. What a waste. With the help of this super
database we could take care of everything. Is this "service" company named
Microsoft by any chance?

(If ignorance is bliss, why am I so troubled??)

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