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Re: [IP] How Much Insulin is REALLY in the bottle

At 07:04 AM 08/07/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>When my son started on the Disetronic pump 3 years ago, I could fill 3
>cartridges and have a little insulin left over to toss into my
>Each cartridge holds 315 Units.  3x315=945
>They say there are 1000 units in the bottle.
>Now when I fill the cartridges, 3 years later, I don't have enough to
>completely fill the third.  I did NOT get the same satisfaction from
>that Bob did.  They promised me there is more then 1000 units in the
>We're using Humalog but 3 years ago used Regular.  Always used Lilly
>the velosulin tho).  

I don't know how accurate the measurements on the Disetronic cartridges
are. The MiniMed reservoirs have markings too, but I just use them as a
general guide and not an exact measurement. Also, I tend to lose some
insulin in both the filling (see our leaking Humalog stopper conversations)
and during the priming process. 


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