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Re: [IP] What Do I Do Next?

At 12:41 AM 08/07/1998  Sue W wrote:
>My question -- When do I get the MiniMed rep involved in the process. 
>Should I get him to talk to the Doc and try to sway him towards
>prescribing me the pump?  Or, should I wait until the Doc prescribes the
>pump and then ask the MiniMed rep to help me go to battle with the
>insurance company (HMO)?

>From my experience, I would get the MiniMed rep involved as soon as
possible. Mine not only worked with the insurance company, but had
virtually pre-written letters for the doctor that used all of the important
buzz-words that your insurance company wants to hear. He really took care
of the whole process... I just had to sign a couple of papers so that he
could work with my insurance company and within a few weeks it was done and
my pump arrived. 

My local MiniMed rep also works directly with the CDE's and Dr.s to make
sure that they are educated about the pump and helps them get some of the
technical information they need. Your doctor may just need a little
persuading... and the MiniMed rep will probably come armed with all the
appropriate medical studies to help convince them. 

Best of luck and let us know how it goes.


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