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Re: [IP] Humalog vs Regular

At 06:29 AM 08/07/1998  Barb Schiller wrote:
>I have an appointment on Aug 21 to be hooked up to my pump "For Real."
>asked the nurse if I would be able to use humalog right away and she told
>that the doctor has never done that because it is not approved yet
>(liability reasons).
>How can I get her to make an exception in my case?  I have been using
>humalog for over a year now and would hate to have to deal with the
>peak timing issue again.  Any suggestions?

My endo would not officially recommend Humalog for the same reason.
However, when I pressed him, he informally told me that it would be OK if I
really wanted to do it. I think that as long as it is clearly understood
that the responsiblity is on your shoulders, they will go along with it.
(After all, you are ultimately responsible for all this anyhow... right?)

My CDE took this "informal approval" as an OK and we started with Humalog.
In fact, when I saw her today, she told me that at a recent conference she
heard that Humalog is fast becoming the insulin of choice for most pumpers.
With more an more medical support, I hope that H will become approved for
the pump before too long.


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