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Re: [IP] Continous Glucose system

At 10:53 PM 08/06/1998  John Neale wrote:
>Sam Skopp wrote:
>Have they never before just fixed up a shunt in your arm, and taken a
>venous sample every 60 seconds for a few hours? Do these wild peaks and
>troughs mean that sometimes bg readings can simply be irrelevent? I'm
>curious to know how wide-spread these rebounds are, and how often they
>cause us to respond inappropriately. People here sometimes get confused
>by massive and unexplained drops in bg. Are we perhaps testing too often
>for our own good?

You ask some very good questions... I don't know if they've ever tried
continuous testing "the old fashioned way"... there might be some technical
factors that I'm not aware of.

When I talked to my doctor, I asked about the accuracy of current readings,
because of these spikes. Since a BG reading represents just of a single
point in time, what happens if you catch it at one of those momentary
spikes? Or, does the current BG systems somewhat blur the results to smooth
out those momentary changes? My doctor didn't know the answer to that one,
but thought it was something to really investigate. 

I've always thought that the current testing results were too narrow...
one-dimensional. What I always want to know is not only what BG I'm at now,
but at rate is it changing over a period of time. I would react differently
if my BG was 70 and heading up then if it was 70 and heading down.  The
rate of change would be important too... obviously if you are at 85 and it
was heading down at a rate of 4-5 points per hour that would be totally
different from the situation where it was going down at 25-30 points (or
more) per hour. I don't think we are close enough technology-wise to get
3-D blood glucose values yet. You'd need a small computer to average the
values over a period of time and calculate the rate of change... but with
the rate of miniaturization we have now, it wouldn't surprise me if such a
thing could one-day be incorporated into a gluco-watch of some sort. 


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