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Re: [IP] Continous Glucose system

At 07:51 AM 08/07/1998  Bonnie  RICHARDSON wrote:
>Actually, John, At one time I was doing that, testing every  hour or so
and getting all stressed out all the time, doing more injections and having
highs and lows and rebounds.  I was even up at night to test and eat or
inject.....trying (unsuccessfully) to keep my bg as level as I could.   My
doc said basically, chill out - and limited me to 4-5 tests a day at
certain times.  This worked out well and I learned not to get in such a
panic...looked at the overall average.   Now I test about 6 times a day,
sometimes less, sometimes more.  My overall is much more consistant (course
the pump helped a LOT!).    

This only goes to prove that sometimes too much information can lead to
overload. I've discovered that by trying to test too much and then
attempting to micro-manage the results, can be bad. After talking to my CDE
today, I'm going to try to simplify things a bit. 

(a reformed tweaker)

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