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Re: [IP] What Do I Do Next?

Hi John,

My BGs usually run in the 100+ range.  My highs are usually (since MDI)
in the high 100s and 200s.  I seldom go above 300.  I do, however, get
quite a few of these.  My lows are usually in the 60s.  I start to feel
hypo at about 75.  I don't go low nearly as often as I go high.  A lot
of the time, I can go for days with my BG within range (70-150) and then
all of a sudden (for no apparent reason) the BG starts jumping around
for a day or two and then settles down again.

John Huff wrote:
> How
> are youre BGs?  Do you have any 200s, 300s, 50s, 60s?  My ins co
> *finally* approved the pump after seeing my "lowsy" control.  ( PU! )
> Took me over 6 months to do: my internist immediately started me on
> MI when I asked him to prescribe me a pump.  Keep up your MI
> therapy even though your ins co is being recalcitrant.  *Eventually*
> your control might "fail" on you,.and *then* you can ask for -- and get
> -- a pump.
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