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Re: [IP] What Do I Do Next?

Hi Sue --

> My question -- When do I get the MiniMed rep involved in the process.
> Should I get him to talk to the Doc and try to sway him towards
> prescribing me the pump?  Or, should I wait until the Doc prescribes the
> pump and then ask the MiniMed rep to help me go to battle with the
> insurance company (HMO)?

Your local Minimed rep will call you *after* you've been approved by yourins
co.  They'll help your doctor to draft a "letter of medical necessity" for
your pump to send to the ins co.  My internist drafted a three pager to get
my pump.  8-/  He then sent them several months on BG records; *I* sent
them a couple of months more...  My internist worked *very* hard to
get my ins co to oay for my pump!

> BTW, the Doc said that the fact I am so well controlled with my MDI
> routine (6-8 or more injections daily) that the insurance might say that
> if I can control it that way, why do I need a pump?  Apparently they
> don't understand how hard I work with BG tests and injections (and
> living by the alarm clock for the Ultralente injections).  I feel like I
> might be punished for doing a good job!

I've just receuved my Minimed 507C pump ( for which I'm waiting
instruction of how to use ).  This was after almost 6 months of my
internist having me follow a MI therapy, which *did* help my HbA1c's
fall from 9.4, 8.5 to 7.5.  My BGs are still "all ove the place" though.
Fortunately(?) my BGs didn't come under too good control with MI.
So, I received the pump partially paid for by my insurance co.  How
are youre BGs?  Do you have any 200s, 300s, 50s, 60s?  My ins co
*finally* approved the pump after seeing my "lowsy" control.  ( PU! )
Took me over 6 months to do: my internist immediately started me on
MI when I asked him to prescribe me a pump.  Keep up your MI
therapy even though your ins co is being recalcitrant.  *Eventually*
your control might "fail" on you,.and *then* you can ask for -- and get
-- a pump.

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