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[IP] my low BG...

I know I've had some winners with my low blood sugar stories...which I
think I still have a few to tell...BUT - I had one last night!!!!!
Tested at 28...eewww, scary!!!  I had tortilla chips and salsa, counted
the carbs and went to bed about an hour later when I tested at 100!
Anyway, I woke up 3 times within a half hour.  Truthfully I can't put
this experience into words...VERY WEIRD!  I wasn't "real".  That's what
I kept trying to tell my husband!  Each time I went (tried) to go back
to sleep I kept dreaming of this pumper's list-no lie!!!  I kept seeing
William's name (you were in my dreams William!)  I felt like I had no
vocal chords and e-mail was the only means of communication?!?!?  I
honestly was getting up to e-mail you guys?!?!?  That would have been
funny!!!!!!!  Lisa Carmicheal grammar and spelling revisited!!!!  Lord
knows what I would have said too!?!?!?  Plus I thought I needed to call
a psychic to get me back to the "real" realm of the world.  I told you
it was bizarre!  Drank a Hi-C with my husband's help and lo' and behold
my vocal chords reappeared, I WAS real, and I just thought I was nuts
then?!?  The fun of a sugar starved, overinsulated brain!!!!!
NOW A QUESTION...I use Humalog and tend to have my bg drop real low BUT
it is always like clockwork 4 hours later?!??!  I thought humalog works
FAST?!?!?  Any ideas? (and I don't drastically overbolus either)
Leaving for vacation Sat. a.m. - see you when I get back (2 and a half
weeks), it will take me a while to catch-up!
-Tonya D.   :-)

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