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[IP] using rocket fuel

Hi kids:

a couple a questions you probably already answered but i dont pay attention
(or dont read the digest often enough)...

My endo gave me a couple of viles (inst all insulin "vile?") to use to cover
highs.  he also said to get a novopen to use to get it in me - i asked if i
could just send it thru the plastic cap of the site and he said yes...so i
have been...and WHAT results - DAYUM!!!  this stuff really is ROCKET FUEL!  I
was 228 before my shower, took approx 1 1/2 unit by syringe thru the pump and
now one hour later I am 86!!!  whoa daddy!!!

so while I am fine tuning this, I just noticed that the little red stopper int
he back of the vial is coming out!!  I squished it back in and it popped out
again (not all the way).  I know in the Novopen there is that plunger that
holds the stopper in place...is there anything I can do to get it from popping
out until I get another novopen?  mine is in storage in corsicana..

any tips or tricks are appreciated...


Sara *-)=B xoxx
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