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[IP] How Much Insulin is REALLY in the bottle

When my son started on the Disetronic pump 3 years ago, I could fill 3
cartridges and have a little insulin left over to toss into my pocketbook.
Each cartridge holds 315 Units.  3x315=945

They say there are 1000 units in the bottle.

Now when I fill the cartridges, 3 years later, I don't have enough to
completely fill the third.  I did NOT get the same satisfaction from Lilly
that Bob did.  They promised me there is more then 1000 units in the bottle.
We're using Humalog but 3 years ago used Regular.  Always used Lilly (never
the velosulin tho).  

Anyone else ever notice this?

Very sincerely yours,

Ellen H. Ullman

Mom, Advocate for children who have diabetes and their parents, Friend,
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