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Re: [IP] Diabetes Prevention- HELP

Ellen H. Ullman wrote:
> The results of her tests will not be back for weeks and I want to be proactive
> and safe with proceeding with treatment after receiving said results..   Any
> advice or assistance you can offer, will be GREATLY appreciated.  My son uses
> the Disetronic Insulin pump and we have a spare pump that she would be willing
> to use.  Would you know of any research recommending a continuous infusion of
> insulin rather than 2 shots of ultralente per day to effectively rest the
> pancreas and delay the onset of the diabetes?

My limited knowledge of this (which may be less than yours) was that the
ultralente was not "resting" the pancreas as such, but rather the
ultralente would prompt some sort of beneficial response from the immune
system, and thus prevent onset. It's all highly speculative.

Or am I confusing this with the one where they gave insulin tablets
which prompted an immune system response when it was digested in the

I may have misunderstood something.

Hope you have success, and your daughter doesn't have to follow most of
us here. But if she does, it's not the end of the world: if I didn't
have diabetes, I wouldn't be the same person, and if I wasn't the same
person, well, I wouldn't be me.

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