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Re: [IP] Getting all the bubbles out

Point of interest here, re: bubbles coming out of the insulin bottle when

I "assumed" the author of the original message (Sam or Richard?) was
talking about Humalog bottles.

I *always* noticed this with Humalog. Never happened with any other insulin
bottles in over 41 years of experimenting. In fact, depending on how much
pressure I put into the bottle, the insulin would often "squirt" out of the
bottle top when I removed the needle. I had one instance where a bottle of
Humalog drained completely - it had been on its side in my insulated lunch
bag all day.

Interestingly enough, Eli Lilly finally acknowledged a "problem" with the
rubber stoppers in the Humalog bottles. I quote in part from a letter from
Eli Lilly to another user, forwarded to me in April 1998:

"In discussions with Technical Services, it was determined that the stoppers 
for Humalog are manufactured from a material that is less resilient than the 
material used for some other insulin stoppers.  As a result, these stoppers
more difficult to puncture and may also leak or "spray back" on
occasion.  When the needle is withdrawn, the needle cut in the stopper
may close more slowly, emitting a fine spray.  Our Technical Services
area is currently looking at potential options to address these issues.
Meanwhile, these conditions may be reduced by letting the vial warm to
room temperature just prior to use.  This will improve the stopper
resiliency.  In addition, it is recommended to avoid over-pressurization
of the vial.  If excessive air is introduced into the vial over multiple
doses, the vial can become over-pressurized, which can increase the
possibility of "spray back".

end of forwarded message

I have not heard if this problem has been solved yet.

Bob - who's feeling vindicated, since I first brought this to Lilly's
attention in September 1996, only to be "blown off " ;-)

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