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In regard to the results that I saw with the continuos glucose monitoring
Apparently the sensors are still being made in small batches and consistency
has been a bit of a problem. One night I had dozens of "disconnect" errors
where the recorder lost the signal from the sensor. It would start beeping -
waking me up :(. This was the end of the second day wearing this
particular sensor. The readings would go near off the scale when the
disconnect occurred. This would lead to the scattered results - fine one
reading and near comatose the next. Changing the sensor cleared the problem.
The first day on the second sensor was near perfect in results. During the
we calibrated the device to a manual bs test in the morning and another in the
evening as a "base" - all of the other readings were used in the results.

Its going to be a while before this technology is a) useful, b) widespread,
and c) affordable, but, seeing the results of so many tests in a row was cool.

Dave Zakary

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