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Re: [IP] little beeps==>hyper teachers

In a message dated 8/6/98 5:35:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< The teacher is really a nice guy, but I wish I'd 
 been a fly on the wall that day, I've seen him get excited just about 
 teaching, this guy bounces like a rubber ball. He must have been 
 hilarious. >>

Sounds like one of my math teachers in high school.  We used to call him
"Jumpin Jerry Jones" because of his classroom antics.  He used to sit on his
desk like a leprochan and then bounce down and make wild gestures with his
arms. I never thought "math analysis" (aka: pre-calculus) was that
interesting, but he really got into it!  Thanks for stirring up ancient
memories.  :-)  

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