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Re: [IP] Continous Glucose system

At 06:48 AM 08/06/1998  Michael wrote:
>> He said you could get momentary lows in the 40's and then have
>> it immediately jump back up into triple digits. Current tests
>> average these spikes... h
>What kind of insulin are you using?

This wasn't me... it was based early test results from the Continuous
Glucose System. I would assume they were using people with a wide variety
of situations and therapies. They were supposed to be using non-diabetics
as well. I'd have to ask my endo for more details... this is based on a
voice conversation that I had with him last week. But, I remember vividly
when he drew a little chart with what the results looked like over a very
short period of time (see my little rough chart below).  
     /\        /\        /  \/\    
/\  /  \/\  /\/  \    /\/      \/\  /\      
  \/      \/      \/\/            \/  \  /

Of course another interpretation of these results is that their sensor is
not very reliable and is producing spurious results. I don't know what
techniques they use to verify these readings for accuracy. But, my endo
indicated that the testers were not really happy with the these types of

(BTW, to answer your question, I use plain old Humalog in my pump)

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