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Re: [IP] Re: changing time zones

> I will be traveling to Australia in November and am concerned about
> any problems I might have .  Since I will be losing a whole day, do
> I just continue on as before or what??  What about the food there,
> will it be hard to count carbs?  Will I have any problems at the
> airport?  Have never gone that far before and as you can tell, it is
> making me a little nervous.  I have been on the Minimed 507 since
> May 14th and am using Humalog.  Appreciate all the help and advice I
> have gotten from this group!

My daughter's standard travel kit includes her scale, a one cup 
measure, a teaspone (to measure jams and jellys) and a tablespoon (to 
measure honey and syrup for breakfast).

If you can't swing the scale and/or cup, you can always get a glass 
at most restruants that is some kind of standard measure. Lily does 
that to measure things like rice or mashed potatoes.  After you have 
been pumping for a while, you will be able to estimate most things 
pretty well unless the weights/volumes are quite small for a lot of 

If you are worried, do an early post-prandial check and adjust 
accordingly using the unused insulin rule + an appropriate hbs bolus. 
Or... the opposite if you find you are lower than expected.

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