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Re: [IP] Getting all the bubbles out

> Have you or anyone else seen this: when I pull the needle out of the
> insulin bottle, I get some bubbles coming out the top of the vial.
> Is this normal? I'm putting in the same volume of air that I'm
> taking out in insulin. My first guess was that the reservoir needle
> was large enough that it left an air passage in the rubber stopper.

Happens all the time. This is what you want to happen. If the bottle 
is pressurized, nothing will get in that is not supposed to. Part of 
the problem is that the 'fill' syringe needle is quite large and 
makes quite a large CUT in the top plug. It still is sealed when done 
however, so don't worry (but don't store it upside down or on it's 
side if you can avoid it).
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