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Re: [IP] re: Lily's experience with exercise.....

> Michael -
>     It was a while back (still catching up on the digests) but... I
>     think
> that your conclusion about Lily's preferred site (upper buttock)
> being mechanically altered with exercise is a plausible one.  The
> mechanics of the gluteus muscle contraction indeed may work to push
> the infusion set up & out(?) - does Lily ever notice a crimped or
> bent catheter in these instances upon removal?? 
Yes, once one of them had a distinct crimp.

> Does the site
> itself ever appear irritated?  Does the same thing ever occur when
Sometimes it gets a little red along the outline of the cannula. We 
don't know if that is from the movement or if other factors 

> she wears the set abdominally??  Just curious.  Btw, thank her for
She doesn't use the Comfort sets in front. There she wears a SofSet. 
She likes the insertion procedure better and they are comfortable for 

> me for the site suggestion(!) - I started using it (upper buttock)
> recently and love it!  Works well & very comfortable - except for
> the ONE time my husband teasingly smacked me back there as he walked
> by & I nearly went through the ROOF!   OUCH!!  *LOL*  I never saw
> THAT under the "Intimate Moments" section of the video!  :-)

That's funny!! I don't mean the pain, of course, just the 

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