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Re: [IP] little beeps

At 02:18 PM 08/06/1998  Bob Burnett wrote:
>My wife and I were at a "real" golf tournament this summer - (real
>they play for "real" money - lots of it). Amazing how sensitive some of
>these players get when they're putting for several thousand bucks and my
>pump beeps when I bolus. Hey, I'm hungry, I don't care about their pay
>check <vbg> They're lucky I didn't have the optional "clap on, clap off,
>let's eat" bolus feature on my pump. That would have really honked
>off ;-)

Say, where do you get that nifty "clap-on clap-off" feature? (K-Mart?) I
think that would be wonderful to have at a concert... I can see it going
nuts after the second encore.   :-}


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