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Re: [IP] Getting all the bubbles out

At 04:12 AM 08/06/1998  Ted Quick wrote:
>Richard Aleksander wrote:
>> What techniques do pumpers use to get the bubbles out of the syringe /
>> cartridges, when filling them from insulin vials?
>Mostly "tilt, tap, push, tilt, tap, push until they're gone. That is, 
>tilt the syringe to get the bubbles in the throat, tap gently on the
>side if they don't want to move and harder if they still don't, then
>after they get into the tube at the end push the plunger up.

Have you or anyone else seen this: when I pull the needle out of the
insulin bottle, I get some bubbles coming out the top of the vial. Is this
normal? I'm putting in the same volume of air that I'm taking out in
insulin. My first guess was that the reservoir needle was large enough that
it left an air passage in the rubber stopper. My second guess is that you
need to use less air with these reservoirs than you used with the regular
"old-fashioned" insulin syringes.


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