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[IP] re: Lily's experience with exercise.....

Michael -
    It was a while back (still catching up on the digests) but... I think that your conclusion about Lily's preferred site (upper buttock) being mechanically altered with exercise is a plausible one.  The mechanics of the gluteus muscle contraction indeed may work to push the infusion set up & out(?) - does Lily ever notice a crimped or bent catheter in these instances upon removal??  Does the site itself ever appear irritated?  Does the same thing ever occur when she wears the set abdominally??  Just curious.  Btw, thank her for me for the site suggestion(!) - I started using it (upper buttock) recently and love it!  Works well & very comfortable - except for the ONE time my husband teasingly smacked me back there as he walked by & I nearly went through the ROOF!   OUCH!!  *LOL*  I never saw THAT under the "Intimate Moments" section of the video!  :-)