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Re: [IP] New Pumper With Questions

Stuart Pelcyger wrote:
> I have been on the pump for about 3 weeks.  My control is 100%
> better.

Great, glad it works well for you.
> My questions are:
>     1)    The hose develops a sharp bend were it comes out of the
> reservoir.
>             Has anyone had delivery problems because of this?

Occasionally. It usually has to be nearly bent into a hairpin turn
to block the flow. As long as it has some freedom on the far end of the 
curve it should be fine.
>     2)    What about having the hose caught between your body and
> a belt
>             that is tight.

That can be a problem, especially if it's curved in the other direction 
there. If in doubt just pull on the exposed part of the hose near the pump.
If it's caught it will be hard to move easily. It's usually best to pull
most of it out then tuck it back in in a more relaxed form.
>     3)    When your insertion site is on the left side do you
> keep the pump
>             on the left and the reverse?  If not what about the
> extra tubing going
>             across?

ALWAYS! I had a problem once with irritation of a certain centrally
located area that I don't want hurting. After asking my endo and getting
no real answer I realized my nozzle was tangling in my hose..... 
This is a male problem, incidentally, the ladies shouldn't need to
bother much about this!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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