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Re: [IP] New Pumper With Questions

Welcome to the group!  Too Bad you missed the notes a few weeks back about all the abuse the tubing cantake.  It is amazing what people have done to it, such as, snagged it on a drawer and walked away, slammed in in car doors, on an on, and the damn thing just keeps on pumping.  One of the things I learned from this group was to watch for air bubbles in the tubing when you have done something that might have stretched it a bit.   People wear them under belts, panty hose, underpants, bras, etc...nothing seems to interfere with the pumping.  In fact, I have yet to hear about the tubing breaking.

My last years tubing has been holding up my tomato plants all summer and created a network for my Jasmine vine to grow on. I have never been able to break one, just have to cut it.  

Maybe we should have a list of uses for recycled tubing. 


>>> Stuart Pelcyger <email @ redacted> 08/06 4:22 PM >>>
Greetings All,

I have been on the pump for about 3 weeks.  My control is 100%

My questions are:

    1)    The hose develops a sharp bend were it comes out of the
            Has anyone had delivery problems because of this?

    2)    What about having the hose caught between your body and
a belt
            that is tight.

    3)    When your insertion site is on the left side do you
keep the pump
            on the left and the reverse?  If not what about the
extra tubing going

I have already learned a great deal from this group.

Thanks for the input.

Stu Pelcyger
41/ IDDM 15+/ MM507 with Humalog

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/