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[IP] little beeps

> True  and it works great but my temporary basal rate beats periodically so I
> can't use it during classes or meetings or at night -- the times I most
> frequently need it!

Put it in a pocket, it's very quiet and while people will look 
around, they will never figure out where those three little beeps 
came from.

In fact, Lily has a history teacher who is adamant that no beepers or 
phones are allowed in his class. Lily was running a temp basal rate 
one day when it beeped in his class. She said he practically had a 
coniption fit and looked all over the classroom for the 'kid with the 
beeper'. she said he never even looked at her ( she is beyond 
suspicion of course heh... heh...), apparently she had trouble 
keeping a straight face. I think she fessed up a few weeks later that 
it was her pump. The teacher is really a nice guy, but I wish I'd 
been a fly on the wall that day, I've seen him get excited just about 
teaching, this guy bounces like a rubber ball. He must have been 

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