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We finally got the good news today...our insurance company approved the
pump for Kayla.  We should be getting a 507c (in blue) tomorrow.  Yea!!!

Thanks, Michael, for the tip about '5 year old denied treatment for
diabetes'.  That rattled their cage!  After a verbal battle with the
case manager about discriminating against my child because of her age,
she finally shut up when I told her I was going to contact my state
insurance commissioner if the claim was denied.  All of a sudden we no
longer had to send them all that garbage they wanted.  A letter from
Kayla's doctor recommending continued pump therapy would be fine.  Said
letter sent; pump approved.  :-)

The really incredible part is that the ins. co. shelled out almost $3000
in the rental pump and supplies.  By dragging this thing out, Kayla's
been on a rental pump for 2 months and 5 days.  And none of that money
gets applied to the cost of the new pump.  Geesh!!  And we wonder why
premiums keep going up!!!

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