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[IP] Diabetes Prevention- HELP

First, I apologize if this was already posted.  I sent it to a different e-
mail address on 8/2 and didn't find it in the archives.

Can you help me contact researchers around the world who are working with
studies or theories regarding preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes in
a child who tests positive for Islet Cell Antibodies (ICA)?  

My  10 year old son, Zachary, has had diabetes since the age of 15 months.  My
now 8 year old daughter, Sasha, just tested positive to the ICA.  Because she
was tested via DPT (Diabetes Prevention Trials) in Miami, I do not have any
values for the test, simply that it came back positive. I am free to exit from
the trials at any point in time. She tested negative previously, and I was
told that she has a 40% chance that this is now a false positive.  I'm not
counting on it.

On Monday of last  week we had them rerun the ICA as well as test for the
Insulin Antibody, GADA, HLA, and an HbA1C.  Unfortunately her vein would not
cooperate at the time in order to draw off the blood fast enough for the IVGT.
Results will not be back for 3 more weeks and again I will not be privy to the
values, only whether they are positive or negative.   This seems very
unethical to  me and I  may pursue having her tested privately. 

My request herein is to find out any and all theory (theories) for delaying
the autoimmune response.   Can you direct me to any articles or research (even
anecdotal) that is exploring the reversal of the attack process and or the
delaying of the onset of Type 1 Diabetes?  What theories do you hold to be
most valid?

 I have begun exploring the following theories on reversing this attack on her
islet cells;  incluiding the Nicotinamide (specifically Enduarmide), and
possibly the theory regarding use of Vitamin E as well.  In the United States
they are testing sub-q injections of ultralente 2x per day and they are
testing oral insulin.  I have also found research regarding high levels of
insulin in camels milk  <A HREF="http://www.link.co.il/40/40camels.htm">Camels
- Diabetes article</A>  and it's potential use for treating diabetes (although
Type2).   The HLA  test supposedly will reveal  whether or not she possesses a
marker for the protective gene. My daughter is in otherwise excellent health
and weighs 65 pounds.

The results of her tests will not be back for weeks and I want to be proactive
and safe with proceeding with treatment after receiving said results..   Any
advice or assistance you can offer, will be GREATLY appreciated.  My son uses
the Disetronic Insulin pump and we have a spare pump that she would be willing
to use.  Would you know of any research recommending a continuous infusion of
insulin rather than 2 shots of ultralente per day to effectively rest the
pancreas and delay the onset of the diabetes?  I have also found a bit of
research on interleukin-4, or IL-4 and how it's presence may protect against
developing diabetes.  Do you know of any research trying to stimulate
interleukin-4, or IL-4 production in the body?

What course of treatment would you pursue if Sasha was your child?  Thanking
you from the depths of my heart and soul,

Very sincerely yours,

Ellen H. Ullman

Mom, Advocate for children who have diabetes and their parents, Friend,
Webmaster...<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/CamelsRFun/index.html">
http://members.aol.com/CamelsRFun/index.html  (KidsRPumping)</A>

Please send me any and all information you have regarding prevention of
diabetes in someone who tests positive for islet cell antibodies.  I'm
determined to delay the onset in my daughter or - more importantly - to
reverse the autoimmune attack that is beginning.  Thank you!

Please support funding a cure for diabetes.  My favorite charity is the
Diabetes Research Institute in Miami, Florida:  <A HREF="http://www.drif.org">

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/