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[IP] Re: digest mode

I agree that responding to individual messages in the digest mode is
awkward and requires lots of deletions and fussing.  Maybe someday this
listserver can be updated to work more like another group list I'm on.  In
this other one the digest mode arrives as an attachment to a single bland
email.  When I double click the attachment (in Eudora) I get a new mailbox
window that has each message in the digest now listed separately.  This is
very convenient to make individual replies, for lots of reasons, one being
that all lines in the previous message are preceded by the single > so you
can easily separate new from old.

<<<<<<<<<<<<Sara wrote:
> yeah - john, this group is CHEAP and I do get alot out of it, but reading
> digest is ANNOYING as hell, and insurance doesnt pay for any annoyance
> if you people would PLEASE stop copying entire posts in your responses, I
> would be much less annoyed and might even not Need the darn shrink!!!

Sara, while you were taking hols, I moaned on your behalf about copying.
Believe me! This is an improvement on how it was. I counted 197 new
lines of writing in one 1200 line digest...
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