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Re: [IP] shrink shrank shrunk

> If I were in your shoes I might be dead or almost.  I could never have paid
> for my pump and the supplies without insurance.  While I have no complaints
> about my company's policy, I have shuddered to hear others tell awful tales
> about HMOs, Calif., Pacific Care, Aetna, etc.  I get more grateful every
> day---
> To have to move to another country just to stay well/alive is really
> terrible.  I am truly humbled by your story!
> Bonnie

Don't worry Bonnie! We're not moving because of the diabetes... My
fiancee has a new job in Germany and I've been living here on account of
a temporary job for a while now. I just haven't yet come under the
umbrella of the German healthcare system.

And I guess we all find somethings to complain about in any system. On
the good side, I get all bg testing strips and insulin absolutely free.
I had some tricky negotiating to do with my GP over whether they could
justify supplying me with the large number of strips I like to use, but
I made the sensible move of finding a GP who was responsive to my
arguements (and was also fascinated by my pump, even though he could pay
for it).

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