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Re: [IP] Re: Humalog and Exercise

Use the temp basal rate feature on the pump during exercise.  I've been
landscaping and building a deck all summer.  Don't know how I would have
gotten by w/o the temp basal rate.  Strenous exercise combined with heat
and humidity can really take a lot out of you.  Took me a few tries to
get the temp basals rate amounts and times ironed out, but it was worth

Testing before exercise is good advice for Justin.  Eating a snack when
under 100 before heavy exercise is a good idea too.

Snacking before exercise was always a part of pre-pump regimen, but now
that I have the pump, I rely mostly on the temp basal rates.  After all
that hard exercise, I want something to show for it! (less fat!)  And
yes, I have lost 15 lbs after carrying 2,000 15 lb. landscaping blocks.

Becky D.

Becky D.

Pamela Paslow wrote:
> Hi,
> A while ago when I first joined this group I asked about ways to
> get my son to remember to bolus and got some really helpful input
> and I would like to thank you for all of your help.  That's gotten
> alot better.  Now we're concerned about another problem.
> How is everyone else dealing with Humalog and prolonged exercise.
> (Especially the kids).  Justin had his second worse reaction since
> his diagnosis 11 years ago.  The reactions seem to hit harder than
> before on regular.  The other day he knew he was low - drank some
> juice and started to come close to passing out.  I got him more
> juice and some crackers and he recovered real fast but it was scary.
> After the second dose of juice I got the test kit and tested him
> and he was at 37.  (He had been playing basketball).
> We told him that before any exercise like that he needed to test
> and treat anything that was even below 100 but do you have any
> ideas of other things that might help.  Does anyone reduce basals
> or reduce boluses?  We've tried cutting the food bolus in half
> but when he unexpectedly exercises after already bolusing normally,
> that obviously isn't possible.
> Any ideas?  Thanks.
> Pam
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